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Vol 14 No 12 - December 2019

On Sale: 28/11/2019

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News & Products
SDRPlay RSPdx, Radio-Smartphone hybrids, LTE/POC Mobile Radios, and Airband Aerials; Irish DAB closures, new publications, and news from the world of radio, in the UK and internationally. 

Visit the RadioUser bookshop to get hold of books we have reviewed in this magazine; find some background reading, technical information, frequency guides, and historical resources. 

Alan Turing – Misunderstood Genius (Part Two)
In  Part Two of his biographical essay, Scott Caldwell looks at how Turing paved the way for research on radio science, machine intelligence, and information technology.  

Book Review   
David Harris reviews a substantial new publication on Radio Caroline, which interprets the station’s evolution through the perspective of business choices, music genres, and outside supporters. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly offers Part Four of his 2019 series on monitoring Non-Directional Beacons (NDB), investigates a mystery aerial query and reports on the possible end to US NAVTEX. 

Airband News 
David Smith details communications at the Isle of Man Airport, discusses airspace restructuring at Manchester and introduces the concept of VHF airband from space.

Network Radio 
Chris Rolinson privately investigates network radios in some UK undercover work, has updates on NR channel use and passes on some very nifty hints and tips on NR customisation. 

Feature: SAQ Grimeton & VLF Monitoring  
Peter Newton observes activities during United Nations Day at the Swedish World Heritage transmitter SAQ and offers a primer on how you can easily monitor the VLF band. 

Rally Report: Golborne 2019   
The editor reports back from a short visit to the November Golborne Swapmeet, organised by the British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS).

Scanning Scene

Tim Kirby decodes data from radiosondes and paves the way for his new RadioUser column in 2020, by listening to the International Space Station. 

Feature: The Fall of the Emley Moor Mast   
Roger Dowling travels back to 1969, to look at the collapse of an old radio mast in Yorkshire and its implications for the BBC and ITV.  

The International Radio Scene 
Chrissy Brand is out and about once again, among both pirates and frequency coordinators, to recommend listening gems and introduce a comparative test of portable short wave radios. 

Profile: WACRAL  
Mike Briggs introduces the Churches and Chapels on the Air (CHOTA) initiative, in the context of a wider look at the World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners (WACRAL). 

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan scans all digital formats for the most recent news on DAB pirate radio, DAB and DRM station updates, DRM receiver news, and some intriguing special broadcasts. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand encompasses both radio, podcasting and audio trends, through the lenses of some influential international radio gatherings in the USA and the European Union. 

Aerials Now!
Keith Rawlings covers doublet aerials and Belling-Lee connectors, before using a surprisingly inexpensive 154MHz-Band aerial to readily monitor transmissions from Inmarsat.  

Utility Monitoring 
Nils Schiffhauer closely examines transatlantic data communications on the aeronautical HF bands and advises on the right equipment for this branch of the hobby.

Feature: Classical Music on the Radio 
David Harris outlines the thriving classical scene on the radio, taking in all broadcast formats, the history of the genre, broadcast technology, sound quality, and the future.

Rallies & Events 
More comprehensive than ever before: The RadioUser list of radio rallies, swap-meets, lectures, hobby meetings and events for the beginning of 2020. 


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