Radio User - August 2019

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Not one; not two; but THREE REVIEWS in this issue: Whistler TRX-2 Scanner, Bonito MD300DX Active Aerial and Leo Bodnar Reference Clock!

On Sale: 25/07/2019

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What's in this Issue?

News & Products
Radio News, Conference Speaker Radio Microphones, Radio Gateways, Aviation and Competition Headsets, Expert Electronics SunSDR2DX, RigPi Station Servers, and Rothammel in English. 

Check out our growing online bookshop for a wide range of titles covering all aspects of the radio hobby, old and new.  

Feature: Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) 
Hans Jonson provides a wider overview of the current state of affairs in the DRM world, explaining how changing – and challenging – dilemmas continue to plague this transmission mode. 

Aerials Now!
Keith Rawlings introduces the EWE Aerial, surveys Type N connections and looks at helical aerials. 

Re-visiting SAQ Grimeton  
With the help of some correspondents, the editor reports on the remarkable transmissions for Alexanderson Day 2019, at the end of June. 

Airband News 
David Smith explains the ‘Due-Regard’ Principle and has a comms profile of Exeter Airport.

Air Show Guide 2019 (Part Two)
David Smith offers Part Three of our popular seasonal guide to Airshows and related events. 

DXTV – Special 
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith offer the last instalment in their traditional TV and FM DXing series, before embarking on a new kind of column from next month onwards. 

Emergency Communications (Part Three)  
In Part Three of this comprehensive series, Tim Kirby analyses voluntary organisations and their communications in emergencies, and he ventures deep underground. 

Maritime Matters  
This month, Robert Connolly offers Part Two of his Quarterly NDBDXing Logs, offers a vital beacon hunting resource, looks at RDF gear and introduces EGNOS.

Scanning Scene  
In the first of our trio of reviews in this issue, Tim Kirby appraises the Whistler TRX-2 multi-system adaptive digital trunking scanner, pre-fed with frequencies by Moonraker. 

RadioUser Competition  
Here is the chance for one lucky winner to own a coveted Whistler TRX-2 Scanner. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand highlights the impact and importance of community radio and visits the longest-running UK RSL station in Hastings. 

Jubilee: Nevada @ 50  
The editor and Mike Devereux celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Nevada Radio in Portsmouth, looking at the past, present and future of this well-known firm.  

The International Radio Scene 
Chrissy Brand surfs the sea, summer breeze and the broadcast bands at this time of year and shares outstanding radio discoveries of readers and fellow travellers. 

Network Radio 
Chris Rolinson weighs up the advantages of network radio in remote locations and makes sure we know who might be listening in to our conversations on this medium. 

Software Defined Radio
In the second review for this issue, Andrew Barron thoroughly tests the Leo Bodnar GPS-disciplined reference clock. 

Utility Monitoring 
Continuing the reviews-theme, Nils Schiffhauer offers an in-depth examination of the Bonito Active MD300DX dipole aerial. 

Book Review 
David Harris has read an unusually-crafted historical radio novel, set around the time of the German annexation of the Sudetenland in 1939. 

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan analyses the new UK Digital Radio Strategy and offers a round-up of news surrounding DAB, DAB+, DRM, and Internet Radio. 

Corrections and Feedback  
A digest of correspondence from you, and my rectifications of past inaccuracies, for Q2 2019. 

Rallies & Events 
Our wide-ranging listing of rallies, notable swap-meets, club events, lectures, and enthusiasts’ gatherings.   
On sale 25 July 2019

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