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Vol 15 No 1 - January 2020

On Sale: 19/12/2019

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What's in this Issue?

6    Subscriptions Page 
Why not start the New Year with a subscription to your favourite radio magazine? That way, you will save money and never miss an article, review or news item.   

7    News & Products
The SDRPlay RSPdx; the bhi NES10-2MK4 speaker, and the CCW loop aerial amplifier; the latest from Icom and Sotabeams; a Pye exhibit, and all the latest radio news (see also pp. 47 and 63). 

13    Bookstore
Visit the RadioUser bookshop to build up your own shack resource library at home, or just browse for some instructive and entertaining reading. 

14    RadioUser Annual Index 2019
Our indispensable guide to every item published in this magazine in 2019; to treasure, keep and consult at your leisure. 

16    Feature: Vivaldi in the Valley   
The editor visits local community radio station Ribble FM 106.7, to meet Maureen Little, the enthusiastic presenter of a new programme bringing classical music to the Ribble Valley.  

20    Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly provides a user survey of maritime and weather-related communications for owners of yachts and witnesses a search and rescue operation with a twist unfolding near his location. 

23    Book Review   
On David Harris’ reviewer’s desk this month, there is a general title on all aspects of radio history, culture and technology, published in conjunction with the Science Museum in London.  

24    Airband News 
David Smith discusses a free training course for drone operators, offers updates on space-based ADS-B communications and draws out the communications profile of Jersey Airport.

28    Network Radio 
Chris Rolinson brings you the first UK magazine user review of the new Talkpod N59 Network Radio and previews the exciting future of NR in 2020. 

31    Feedback & Corrections   
Your letters and e-mails; clarifications and corrections covering the last few issues of this magazine. 

32    CB Radio   
We celebrate the return of CB Radio to this magazine, as David Ogg provides an overview of the history and current state of play in this area, looking at his own path in the process. 

38    Signals from Space  
In the first part of his new, bi-monthly, column, Tim Kirby has key advice on listening for satellites with simple equipment and shows us how his own fascination with this hobby developed. 

42    The International Radio Scene 
Chrissy Brand homes in on the vibrant radio landscape in California and Texas and appreciates some excellent seasonal transatlantic medium wave DX.  

47    News Extra: Tuning Across Borders 
The editor reports on Border Tuner, a radio-related art project spanning the Mexico-USA border with light, and building bridges between people, instead of walls. 

48    TV & Radio – Past and Present  
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith remind us of a range of significant TV and radio anniversaries in recent months and offer a first DXTV update for 2020.

50    Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan summarises the latest UK DAB news and assesses the progress of the DAB, DRM and HDRadio digital transmission standards on an international scale. 

54    Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand ponders the future of discontinued radio programmes through podcasts and checks back in from her recent visits to some key broadcasting events and conferences. 

57    Aerials Now!
Keith Rawlings looks at a range of antenna-splitters currently on the market, in terms of their availability, build-quality, functions, and measured performance. 

60    Feature: DXing on the Move 
Clint Gouveia brings us the first instalment of his new mini-series on portable DXing, discussing preparations and precautions, suitable receivers, great mobile aerials, and accessories.

64    Feature: Monitoring Meteors 
Nick Ward visits the intriguing world of meteor-monitoring with simple means and analyses the signals and sounds the beginner in this field might expect to catch. 

66    History: Radio Luxembourg – Station of the Stars 
Scott Caldwell profiles Radio Luxembourg, the soundtrack to the younger lives of many, and a traditional beacon of European broadcasting.   

70    Rallies & Events 
The UK’s most comprehensive listing of radio rallies is back for a new year; plan your visits here.  



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