Radio User - November 2020

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Tecsun PL-990 | Palomar CityRadio | Signals from Space | Titanic Story | NDB History

On Sale: 29/10/2020

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What's in this Issue?

The November issue of RadioUser offers reviews of two contemporary radios with very different design philosophies. We have the first UK magazine review of the new Tecsun PL-990 portable, which doubles up as a media player and Bluetooth speaker. By contrast, we look at the, hitherto unknown, Palomar CityRadio, which offers a very different listening experience in combination with an app and your smartphone. In our other features, we cover maritime and aeronautical radio navigation, European private short wave stations, the Titanic’s radio room, and the latest from the British DX Club. In our other regular columns, you will learn about aviation ‘jargon’ on the bands, female radio presenters, TV pioneers, and music genres on the radio. There is also exciting content on marine voice data recorders, DRM and DAB radio, antenna preselectors, radio news, and our unique monthly recommendations for international radio listening. 

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