Radio User - October 2021

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Measurement, navigation and radio-science are some of the key ‘themes’ of the October issue of RadioUser. We are taking you into the world of frequency-standard and time signal utility stations, via PPE in Brazil, look at some direction-finding technology in history and continue our exploration of the father of ionospheric science, Oliver Heaviside. Additionally, in a specially-written article for this issue, the editor is looking at simple ways to receive, log and analyse weather and climate information with your radios.

On Sale: 30/09/2021

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What's in this Issue?

•    New Column: New Media and Internet Radio 
•    Review: Inrico T-310 Network Radio
•    Competition: Win an  Inrico T-310 Network Radio
•    Preview: Tecsun H-501x
•    Visiting: Radio Caroline and a Time Signal Station in South America
•    A World War II  High-Frequency Direction-Finding (HFDF) station
•    Radiostory: The 1936 Radiolympia Exhibition and Oliver Heaviside (2)
•    Practical: Radio and Weather Watching 
•    Updated: Rallies and Airshows, News and Frequency Lists
•    A Noteworthy Anglo-German Digital Joint Venture

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