Radio User - August 2021

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Two-way radio and free radio resources, combining this with insightful reviews of both radio software and equipment, personal reflections and reminiscences, and incisive technical analysis of all the latest trends and developments in linear radio, online broadcasting and digital formats. A particular strength this month lies in our reliable listings of radio shows, air shows, and the very latest radio news from the UK and all over the globe.

On Sale: 29/07/2021

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What's in this Issue?

•    The Breadth and Diversity of Two-Way Radio
•    A US Long-Distance Operational Control (LDOC) facility
•    The Phenomenon of Fading (Part 2) 
•    Discover Classical Music on the Radio 
•    Working with new Software in Maritime and Digital Radio
•    Radio’s Role in the 1988 Lockerbie Disaster
•    Air Shows, Radio Rallies, Publications, and News 

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