Radio User - September 2021

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The September issue of RadioUser offers a fertile autumnal leaf mould of technical and historical articles, reviews of the latest radios and accessories, portraits of innovative radio stations and radio pioneers, listening tips, and frequency information, as well as book and blog reviews and readers’ feedback.

On Sale: 26/08/2021

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What's in this Issue?

•    Latest Reviews: Brand-New DAB Radios Tested 
•    Radio from Space: The Voyager Space Probes
•    Maritime: The ICOM  IC-M94DE Handheld Maritime Transceiver    
•    Inspired Communities: Radio Cardiff
•    Clever & Comprehensive: The Latest in Antenna Modelling Software
•    Noise Suppression: A Beginner’s Guide
•    Unknown Radio Hero: Oliver Heaviside 
•    UK’s Best: Airshows and Radio Rallies Listings

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