Radio User - December 2021

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The December issue of RadioUser contains no fewer than five in-depth new product assessments and up-to-date reviews, just in time for Christmas 2021.

On Sale: 25/11/2021

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What's in this Issue?

- Christmas Bumper Review and New Products Issue:  

  1. Tecsun H-501x World Band Radio and Media Player 
  2. bhi In-Line Noise Cancellation Module  
  3. Moonraker X1-HF Antenna 
  4. ATS-20 SI4732 Concept Radio 
  5. Telestar DIRA M6i Digital radio  

- The Effects of Weather on the GPS Architecture 

- CB-Inspired Network Radio Apps 

- The Best Radio Books to Collect  

- Aerials Now: Review of 2021 and the Expert’s Antennas Revealed 

- History: 9/11 and Radio | Collingwood Museum | The BBC in 1925 | Westward Television […] 

- Is PMR446 is the new ‘UHF-CB’? 

- New Books by RadioUser Authors 

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