Radio User - February 2022

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The February 2022 issue of RadioUser shows you some of the ways radio can benefit speakers of minority languages and indigenous groups, brings you the first instalment of our annual reviews of radio listening guides and frequency books, surveys radio history from the BBC and ‘9-11’, to Costal Stations and celebrates 40 years of legal CB in the UK.

On Sale: 27/01/2022

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What's in this Issue?

•    Special Issue: Radio, Minority Languages and Indigenous Communities
•    First UK Magazine Review: The ATS25 SI4731 Radio   
•    CB Radio is 40 Years Old!
•    Disappearing Ship Traces in Chinese Waters
•    Radio and its Impact on the Environment 
•    Exclusive: History of the UK’s Maritime Coast Station Network
•    The One and Only RU Annual Listening Guides Review (Part 1)
•    Lessons Learned: Radio and ‘9-11’ (Part Two)
•    Our New Series: Aerials for Beginners
•    Extreme Weather and Radio
•    To Boldly Go: Spaceports in the UK 

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