Radio User - June 2022

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The June issue of RadioUser covers several aspects of the role of radio in the ongoing war in Ukraine and looks back to some lesser-known German radio pioneers, and the BBC in the 1970s. Staying with the BBC, we profile this month’s Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast and look at ‘Auntie’ in the amazing 1970s. We present introductions to both HD radio and CB, as well as reviews of new internet radio and a nifty antenna splitter. Other topics include fighting modern-day piracy at Sea, mental health and some German radio wizards of the past. Learn about the mystery radar on the Crimean Peninsula, an outstanding reader’s shack, blogs and podcasts, and much more, including all the latest listings of new books, rallies, products, frequencies, international broadcasts and Airshows.

On Sale: 26/05/2022

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What's in this Issue?

•    Reviews: Bonito AntennaJet AAS-300DP and Auna IR160 Internet Radio
•    Pirates! How Radio Fights Modern Piracy
•    Beginners: Introduction to CB and HD Radio
•    BBC: The Annual Midwinter Broadcast to Antarctica 
•    Ukraine: Monitoring Drones | The Ukraine Radio Scene | Mystery-Radar in Crimea
•    Blogging: The new Free Radio?
•    History: Marcuse | The ‘German Marconi’ | The BBC in the Seventies

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