Amsats and Hamsats

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Andrew Barron, ZL3DW
Radio Society of Great Britain

Written by best-selling amateur radio author Andrew Barron, ZL3DW this is the answer to everything you wanted to know about this exciting world of satellites.

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Amsats and Hamsats begins by answering questions like, ‘how do satellites stay in orbit’ and ‘why are they so expensive to launch?’ before moving onto the history of amateur radio satellites, the mathematics governing orbits, different types of satellite and their orbits.

It covers:

- the equipment you need to track and use the amateur satellites and some of the satellite tracking software that is available.

- detailed sections on feeders, masthead preamplifiers, antenna systems and automated rotator control.

- FUN cube Satellites, Weather Satellites and the International Space Station.

- what satellites are available, where they are, new ones that are planned and the bands you can operate.