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Do you want more than the RSGB Yearbook 2021 for less money? Then the Callseeker Plus 2021 CD may be for you

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Easy to use and far more up to date and accurate than some online callbooks the Callseeker Plus 2021 is the ONLY product that provides the very latest UK and Northern Ireland callsign data and European callsign data too. The 'easy to use' callsign search interface is simple and takes up no hard disc space as it runs straight from the CD. You can search quickly by callsign, name or location and navigating through the search results is quick and easy. You can even print the results in a variety of formats including straight to an address label.

The Callseeker Plus 2021 also provides an electronic and searchable version on the RSGB Yearbook data pages and bonus material from across Europe too. So, finding the very latest amateur radio reference information from the UK and around the World is a breeze too.