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The RSGB Radio Communication Handbook always being updated and re-written so it remains one of the best guides in the world to amateur radio technology and practice. Over 832 pages it covers a wide spectrum of amateur radio.

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New to this edition includes Software Defined Radio (SDR), which gives an insight into the types of SDR receivers & transceivers, and how it works compared to conventional radios. There is also a new chapter on QRP (Low Power Operating) giving you an insight into operating on the amateur bands using power levels under 5 watts, which may be ideal for the foundation licensees restricted to 10W. Many other chapters including Propagation, Antenna Basics, ‘Measurements & Test Equipment’ and the ‘Great Outdoors’ have all been significantly updated. Readers will also find chapters on Transmitters and Transceivers both HF and VHF, alongside chapters covering EMC, Basic components, Data modes and even the use of computers in the shack including basic programming of Arduino and Pinguino prototyping platforms. Morse Code is covered, explaining the type of learning methods, decoders, and which type of Morse key you should choose. There is much, much more besides and far more than can be detailed here.