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20 years of projections in Practical Wireless.

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20 years of projections in Practical Wireless.

Since 1996, there has been an ongoing series of small practical projects in Practical Wireless magazine. The Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV has been the mainstay of this series by far, having written around 95% of the articles that appeared up to date.

Therefore, as a tribute to George's love of the hobby and to the other authors who take over the task of demonstrating that building your own projects is easier than you might think, we've collated them into one electronic archive. Because of the wide-ranging subjects it's not easy to catalogue them because there are around 230 articles to browse through.

Of necessity, some are similar in nature but all are unique in showing how easy it can be to create small circuits that can be coupled together to produce receivers, transmitters, test equipment or just plain novelties to amuse. Nevertheless, all are part of the self-training aspect of the hobby.