Point to Point: A History of International Telecommunications during the Radio Years

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Paul M. Hawkins
New Generation Publishing

Looking back at a time when short wave technology was exploited for international communications - after the use of VLF long-distance communications and before the arrival of cable.

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As reviewed in the June issue of RadioUser,  Point to Point: A History of International Telecommunications During the Radio Years “provides a very clear overview of the history of telecommunications…[and] is exceptional value for money”. Reviewed as also appealing “to almost anyone with an interest in radio” this is not a book to be missed!

If you want to make an international telephone call today, it is simply a matter of looking up the dialling code, ringing the number and making the call. Yet between the 1920s and 1960s (and until the 1980s for some remote places), international calls were made on shortwave radio circuits. 

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