Radio User - August 2022

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Inside this issue of Radio User we review the Tecsun PL-368; jetvision Air!Squitter and G7RPG Microhub. Read our verdict plus much more in the August issue.

On Sale: 28/07/2022

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What's in this Issue?

News and Products
The Perseus22 SDR, McIntosh MR89, SDRConnect, the ICOM SHF-P1 and IC-PW2 at Dayton, and News from Amphenol and Signal Hound; supply chain problems and stories from the world of radio. 

Feature: DRM in Brazil: Future or Fata Morgana? 
Martin Butera meets with the renowned DRM expert Francisco Braccini to ask him about the prospects of the DRM format in this vast and populous country with a significant digital divide. 

Review: The Tecsun PL-368 FM (Stereo) | LW | MW | SW-SSB Receiver
The editor checks out what this small portable radio can do, looks at the design philosophy, and technology behind it and reviews its many handy features in a variety of scenarios.

Airband News
David Smith draws a comms profile of RAF Mildenhall, explores a Scottish Spaceport, admires the 2022 Jubilee Flypast, checks the airspace near Ukraine and reviews emergency airspace control. 

Airshows 2022 (Part Four)
David Smith unveils the next section of our seasonal RadioUser Guide to airshows, historical flight days, technical demonstrations, celebrations, and similar events.

Review: The jetvision Air!Squitter
The editor flies high with the jetvision Air!Squitter ADS-B, MLAT and FLARM live flight tracker, which combines very high sensitivity with practical functionality for an unprecedented view of airspace. 

Feature: Citizen Astronomers, Radio and UKRAA
Andrew Thomas, a Trustee of the UK Radio Astronomy Association (UKRAA), returns to RadioUser to show how you can successfully detect solar flares, meteors, muons and cosmic rays. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly introduces Digital Selective Calling (DSC) on the Maritime Bands, updating us on the key technologies and applications of the mode before he unlocks some marine number codes. 

European Private Short Wave Stations | News        
Stig Hartvig Nielsen unveils this summer’s main privately-owned broadcasters on short wave, and we offer a curated selection of the very latest news from the radio world and beyond.

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan delves into the development of the principal Satellite Radio formats of the last few decades and compiles Part One of his comprehensive glossary of satellite technology. 

New Media & International Radio   
Chrissy Brand shares her hints and tips for this summer’s liveliest international music festivals, including the ways they are covered through various formats of radio, and by a range of stations. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Chrissy Brand assesses what roles radio stations, broadcasters and podcasters have to play in the context of removing the stigma around issues of mental health and general wellbeing. 

Rallies and Events         
Take a look at this season’s many radio rallies, enthusiasts’ meetings, Hamfests and similar events and use our comprehensive guide to plan your visits to both UK and international gatherings.

Aerials Now 
Keith Rawlings explains how to successfully work a G5RV Aerial, shares updates on the NEC-5 engine and enjoys hearing about a Spectrum Communications (RX SPC) Aerial Tuning Unit.

TV and Radio, Past and Present   
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith summarise the latest, momentous, changes facing the BBC in 2022 before they take a thorough look at the Corporation’s colourful history throughout the 1990s.

Push-to-Talk | Two-Way Communications   
Tim Kirby appraises the G7RPG Microhub and its ability to significantly extend the range of contacts you can make before he reports on the latest CB news and a simple ‘Jubilee’ aerial.

59    Book Review  
In keeping with our BBC-related content this month, David Harris reviews a comprehensive new book on the history and politics of the State Broadcaster in our time. 

60    History: The Marconi Hall Street Works
Scott Caldwell travels to Chelmsford in Essex to find out more about the humble beginnings of the global Marconi enterprise, in the shape of the famous Marconi Hall Street Works. 

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